Hight Precision Machining operating in mechanical manufacturing.


Operating in mechanical manufacturing, HPM puts at your service an experienced team and advanced skills in this area.
With a study office specialized in precision tools, HPM provides an excellent mechanical engineering and design service that is up to meeting your different needs in the mechanical industry and in foundry of light alloys.
Precision machining presents one of our most mastered activities in terms of raw materials, equipment, quality and time.
Perfectly combining Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), we implement efficient technology for mechanical manufacturing that makes us gain time and perfection.
Thanks to the quality of our products and the punctuality of our services, we have been able to win the trust of many customers in the market acting in various fields: the metal industry, the textile manufacturing, the agro-food industry, the aluminum joinery, construction materials etc.

Mechanical Engineering and Design

Equipped with a qualified and experienced team in mechanical manufacturing,
HPM provides a quality service in mechanical engineering and design.
In order to offer original solutions in mechanical manufacturing,
our engineers carry out the analyzing and the interpretation of your most specific needs in mechanical industry.
Indeed, we intervene for the design, organization and control of the implementation of the mechanical systems matter.
During all our activities, we rely on a new CAD/CAM oriented programming technology to guarantee more precise and accurate design and engineering results.

Precision machining

HPM is the ideal place for machining simple and/or complex parts with high precision.
We open our workshop to any industrial company wishing to benefit from a quality service in precision machining.
With a fleet of powerful machines, our team is able to produce unit parts and prototypes in small and/or medium series.
Whether they are steel, stainless steel, copper or other material, we ensure the maintaining of our supply chain with quality control at all stages of manufacture.
HPM is also your destination for manufacturing precision mechanical parts in the best delays and with the good production capacity.

Special machines

Rather oriented towards the automation of its activities,
HPM provides its team with high-performance machines that favor CNC machining.
Thanks to Computer Numerical Control (CNC), movement instructions are communicated to all machine tool elements.
Whether it is a milling, turning, grinding or other operation, we guarantee perfect machining with precise dimensions and qualities.
Combined with the knowledge of our team, the numerical control technique is our key to a successful mechanical machining and a fast and timely manufacturing process.

Precision tools

Throughout the mechanical manufacturing process, the HPM team uses high-end precision tools to ensure the highest quality of machining and manufacturing. Every detail counts to achieve a high-performance machining. That is why we pay close attention to our precision tools and use efficient equipment from major suppliers of industrial tools. Thus, we are able to bring you precision work with great care and rigor whether in turning, milling, grinding or adjustment.


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